Healthy Entrées

Healthy Entrées
Complete Your Healthy Eating Plan with Our Delicious Entrées. Made in the USA, These Meals Contain Balanced Nutrients without the Excessive Calories, Fat or Sugars!

Healthy eating can quickly make you look and feel your best, but sometimes you just want to dig into your favorite foods.

My Neat Health has got you covered.

Our nutritionally balanced entrees provide all of the benefits of our favorite foods without the diet setbacks. Each tasty entrée contains a perfectly balanced proportion of nutrients to satisfy your hunger without the excessive calories, fat or sugars.

We've also worked hard to ensure that My Neat Health products are suitable for people with a range of health needs including diabetes and bariatric patients due to the nutritional make up and low sugar content. Use of meal replacements and health supplements should be done in consultation with your medical professional. 

Choose one of our entree options for a delicious, nutritious, My Neat Health meal. Our team of food experts has found a way to balance nutrients with flavor. Once you try one, you will never go back.